When you need a lawyer to fight for you against debt collectors, car dealers, debt settlement companies and credit bureaus, you need Amy Clark .

Her representation doesn't start with a salespitch or a guarantee, and Her representation doesn't end at settlement, trial, or even appeal.

— Focusing on —

Auto Fraud & Wrongful Repos

Repos, yo-yo deals, dealerships padding sales with unfair and illegal fees -- there are so many unfair practices in the auto industry. If you feel you were treated unfairly by an auto dealer or auto finance company, we can help.

Collection Harrassment

Are you getting calls from debt collectors?

Even the mildest, most courteous collection calls cause stress and aggravation! But unfortunately, even some rude and illegal tactics may not make a good lawsuit.

Debt Settlement Claims

Have you signed up with a debt settlement firm? Did they deliver on their verbal, advertised, and written promises?

Many debt settlement companies are thinly designed scams. If you are being ripped off by a debt settlement company, we can help.

Credit Report Errors

I do not fix credit reports. What I can do is apply pressure for a credit reporting agency to correct an error that you have already told them about.